Employee and Executive Mindfulness Programmes

Mindfulness with Employee Therapy Solutions

‚ÄčA Harvard Business Review article recently showed that mindfulness in the workplace can help leaders to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs and better manage interpersonal conflict and challenge.

Mindfulness meditation, when applied in the workplace, aims to support us better manage stress levels, maintain focus, improve relationships and enhance our emotional intelligence.

We are able to offer both specific mindfulness programmes and bespoke work, depending on your needs.


For the Individual

  • Can help employees be more focused.
  • Can aid staff resiliency.
  • Can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Easy to learn.

For Your Company

  • Employee mental health support has become more commonplace and increasingly seen as being a duty of care.
  • Can be seen as part of an overall Staff Wellbeing Package.
  • Can be seen as an important part of reducing staff absenteeism.
  • Can be delivered to groups as part of an overall staff resiliency programme.