Employee Counselling

Counselling with Employee Therapy Solutions

​Mental health and wellbeing concerns can have a very real impact both on employees and the wider organisation.​

Our counselling service offers employees a confidential place to discuss a variety of real-world issues. This is offered online, by phone or face to face. 

Recognising that your people are your most valuable asset, you can be safe in the knowledge that your employees can benefit both personally and professionally from our service. This can improve work-based confidence and performance, as well as impacting employee satisfaction and retention.

The aims of our Counselling Service

Firstly, we aim to adopt a partnership approach with our customers, to provide the form of intervention that meets your needs. This can either be a fixed term or longer-term programme of support for your staff member, depending on what you are looking for.​

We also aim to give people the best help possible, to get them back on track whatever they need support with.​

We internally monitor the quality of the service that we deliver to our customers. Furthermore, we actively assess and manage risk issues, signposting and referring clients to appropriate sources where required.​

We are a corporately focused, yet compassionate organisation, that aims to offer both the highest level of client care as well as return on investment.​

Just get in touch, to see how we can help. The average time to see clients is just 3 days.


For the Individual

  • Can offer support within days, compared to the NHS which can often take months to access.
  • Sessions are confidential.
  • Counsellors are fully qualified and trained to deal with a wide range of Mental Health and Wellbeing needs.
  • Can often be delivered either Face to Face or Online.

For Your Company

  • Employee counselling has become more commonplace and increasingly being seen as a duty of care.
  • Can be seen as part of an overall Staff Wellbeing Package.
  • Can be seen as an important part of reducing staff absenteeism.
  • Can be part of supporting staff back into the workplace.
  • Less staff sickness can improve productivity.