About Employee Therapy Solutions

Our Founder

Our founder, Ian Stockbridge, worked for 25 years in various Senior Management and Directorial positions, ranging from medium size to large FT-100 organisations. Holding Fellowships in various professional disciplines, gave him invaluable insight into the professional needs that businesses face every day. It was experiencing first-hand the challenge of balancing the real-world difficulties faced by both employer and employee that inspired him to retrain as a counsellor himself. Shortly after ‘Employee Therapy Solutions (ETS)’ was born.

Ian Stockbridge - Founder of Employee Therapy Solutions (ETS)

​Our Role

We understand both the corporate needs of the organisation and the welfare needs of your employees. Our commitment is to to deliver clinical and wellbeing services designed to support you both.

We continue to expand both our network of clinical professionals as well as the services that we offer.  Our team all surpass professional standards as well as understanding the importance of offering short term clinical support within an organisational setting.

We continue to expand and innovate to meet the ongoing needs of our business partners. It is through remaining nimble and highly flexible that we continue to offer a cost-effective, collaborative, and ethical real-world solution for your employee welfare needs.

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Our Values

  • Integrity ~ Doing what is right for employers and employees.
  • Team-based ~ Working with and learning from our business partners.
  • Compassion ~ Treating everyone with both dignity and respect.
  • Professional ~ Doing things the right way.
  • Excellent ~ Helping out business partners to excel, through excelling ourselves.


Exceeding organisational and individual needs through offering ethical,  innovative and evidence-based clinical solutions to real-world problems.


To be a trusted and ethical provider of employment-based clinical solutions. Creativity, innovation and evidence-based practice will be at the heart of what we do.